How It Works

The easiest, most affordable way to ship packages without leaving the house!

We have worked hard to create a seamless shipping system. Even in the best of times it is stressful to bring all of your stuff you want to mail to the post office. It is hard to predict how long the lines will be. Did you use the right tape? How much does it weigh? What's the difference if I put my stuff in this box versus this one? It is confusing, and then, oops, I threw out my receipt, so now I can't track it. The Post Office is an amazing service in our country that we love, but sometimes it can be hard to like the retail experience.

But what if you could just pack up your stuff into any box you have at home, pay for it with a few clicks, and then schedule a USPS pick-up so you don't even need to leave your house?

And, even better, you can track the package all from your own personal online dashboard. So you are probably asking yourself, well how do you know how much your package weighs? Easy, we trust you to measure it with whatever scale you have around the house.

You can do what our team does with our young kids at home. Step on the scale with the box. Then put the box down, and weigh just yourself. Now subtract. And just like that, you have your weight!

Notes about weighing your package: The more precise you are weighing your package, the less likely you are to be charged additional fees later. USPS sends Shipping From Home a bill for each package that is weighed incorrectly, and we will pass those additional charges directly to your credit card. Please be as accurate as you can! If you're unable to accurately weigh your package, you can estimate and we will bill you later.

Notes about package dimensions: USPS uses “dimensional weighting” for packages over 1 cubic foot. Please measure your package carefully so we can get accurate rates! If a package is larger than reported, you may be subject to additional charges and your credit card will be charged automatically. Your best bet: use as small of a box as possible for the goods you are trying to ship. And make sure to tape and secure it as best as possible.